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Stock Electrical End Terminal Custom for Next Gen HK416D

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  • 【スプリングSALE!4/30まで】東京マルイ 次世代HK416D用 ストック端子 カスタム[PROMETHEUS/プロメテウス]【メール便対応】
  • 【スプリングSALE!4/30まで】東京マルイ 次世代HK416D用 ストック端子 カスタム[PROMETHEUS/プロメテウス]【メール便対応】
  • 【スプリングSALE!4/30まで】東京マルイ 次世代HK416D用 ストック端子 カスタム[PROMETHEUS/プロメテウス]【メール便対応】
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*Due to reducing an oxide film and coated by gold 24 plating which is excellent in electric resistance, energization efficiency is increasing. *Steady Contact! *Having Connector which easy to customize a battery! This item is made from high strength aluminum and processed by cutting with high accuracy. And it makes the contact surface become steady. Also, there is no oxide film which is caused by current loss and 24 gold plating treatment has been processed which is superior in electric resistance. So, it makes energizing efficiency higher. For customizing battery easily, the shape of edge is formed for soldering connector easily. It makes oxidative resistance and energizing efficiency higher.

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