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EG Element Cord NEO

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  • EGエレメントコードNEO[PROMETHEUS/プロメテウス]【メール便対応】
  • EGエレメントコードNEO[PROMETHEUS/プロメテウス]【メール便対応】
  • EGエレメントコードNEO[PROMETHEUS/プロメテウス]【メール便対応】
JPY 1,512-
JPY 1,512-
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It does not change the outer diameter of usual EG element code but increase the cross-sectional area. Also, it makes power efficiency better and it improves power consumption of genuine airsoft. Thus, it supports High Cycle Custom Gun which using high output battery type and custom tune which using relay circuit. Also, it shows smooth power efficiency if it combines with Gold Pin Connector set, Motor Gold Pin, or Hard Selector Plate. It is different usual products and it protects the code by heat-resistant Teflon coating. This is the must item for AEG which can be used from standard to customizing gun.

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