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Delta Strike Barrel 509mm M16/A1/A2/VN・Steyr AUG

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  • デルタストライクバレル【509mm】M16A1/A2/VN、ステアーAUG用
  • デルタストライクバレル【509mm】M16A1/A2/VN、ステアーAUG用
  • デルタストライクバレル【509mm】M16A1/A2/VN、ステアーAUG用
  • デルタストライクバレル【509mm】M16A1/A2/VN、ステアーAUG用
JPY 4,860-
JPY 4,860-
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This item has Delta Hop mechanism! Even BB bullets have variation of dimensional, it keeps a BB bullet by 3-point in the center of barrel of inner diameterφ6.5mm when BB bullets are hopping. So, it helps to HOP up stably and support accuracy of fire. Also, special material which have good sliding is selected and expanding HOP window. It helps to make flat hop easily and make the difference of bullet extracting stable at hopping. Also, it helps to improve the torque of BB bullet and increase firing range. Inner diameter of base barrel isφ6.2mm & the dimensional tolerance is 1/1. It is decreasing the misfiring due to the dimensional tolerance of BB bullets. Due to select the brass material, it is easy to adjust the barrel length by cutting. Moreover, It is coated by BC Bright coating which reduce the corrosion, and it keeps its mechanism for long term.

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    ルーズバレルだから命中率、飛距離はどんなものだろうかと思ってましたが、何の問題もなくどちらも素晴らしい! フラットホップにするならこのバレルをオススメですね、