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NON-LINER Spring High Cycle Custom MS70-85

  • ハイサイクルカスタム専用 NON-LINERスプリング MS70-85[PROMETHEUS/プロメテウス]【メール便対応】
JPY 1,080-
JPY 1,080-
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It is designed for high-cycle based on a mass of past data. It is reviewed the winding pitch and new shape of liner which has light pulling and strong pushing, and the spring having excellent settling resistance. It makes bullet speeding stable and improve accuracy of fire. *Bullet Speeding Reference MP5KHC (Barrel Length: 11mm) Bullet speeding approx.7m/s. G3SASHC (Barrel Length: 28mm) Bullet speeding approx.78m/s. AK47HC (Barrel Length: 23mm) Bullet speeding approx. 8m/s. M4CRW (Barrel Length: 11mm) Bullet speeding approx. 82m/s. Steyr HC (Barrel Length: 26mm) Bullet speeding approx. 84m/s.