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M870 Front Sight Disassembly Tool

  • 【スプリングSALE!61%OFF1/31まで】東京マルイ ガスショットガン M870 フロントサイト専用分解工具
  • 【スプリングSALE!61%OFF1/31まで】東京マルイ ガスショットガン M870 フロントサイト専用分解工具
  • 【スプリングSALE!61%OFF1/31まで】東京マルイ ガスショットガン M870 フロントサイト専用分解工具
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*Prevents damaging outer barrel when detaching the front sight! *Must have item when installing the tritium sight! (※Please note that when detaching the front sight, it may damage the original front sight with the screw tip) “M87 Front Sight Disassembly Tool “is designed for installing “LayLax M87 tritium sight”. The original Tokyo Marui M87 Tactical front sight is very difficult to take off. If you use hammer or plier to detach the original “front sight set (87T-2)” the whole thing will come off and the screw on the outer barrel side may smash…and you may not be able to attach the tritium sight then. “M87 Front Sight Disassembly Tool “will make your disassembling easy, and will prevent damage on the other parts!