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Nineball Power Barrel 75.1mm/6.00mm Ultratight bore USP

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  • 【アウトレットSALE!】USPコンパクト パワーバレル(内径6.00mm)【メール便対応】
  • 【アウトレットSALE!】USPコンパクト パワーバレル(内径6.00mm)【メール便対応】
  • 【アウトレットSALE!】USPコンパクト パワーバレル(内径6.00mm)【メール便対応】
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Nineball Power Barrel 75.1mm/6.00mm Ultratight bore USP

●Inner bore width of φ6.00mm with a ±0.01mm tolerance!
●Designed with an ultra tight bore for higher precision and accuracy!

The Nineball ultra tight bore steel barrel for gas blowback handguns is the result of all the accumulated technologies and experience gathered from the Prometheus EG barrel series. The Nineball ultra tight bore power barrel reduces the amount space around the BB to increase the overall air pressure behind the BB itself. Reducing as much possible air loss allows for the power barrel to achieve maximum performance. 


■Compatible Model:
・Tokyo Marui USP

■Barrel Length: 75.1mm
■Inner Bore Diameter: 6.00mm
■Material: Stainless Steel (SUS)


■Made in Japan

Due to the extremely tight bore of the power barrel please ensure the use of high grade BB's and keep your barrel clean, failure to do so may result in jams and clogs in your barrel.
Please check that you are within the joule limits of your country before customizing your airsoft gun.
Be sure to abide by the Japan Sword and Gun law`s limit of 0.98 joules! !
Check your airsoft gun`s performance in a large variety of settings, temperatures and other situations to be sure that the joule limit is not breached!!

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