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Marui Hard Reflector for SCAR-L

  • 東京マルイ SCAR-L専用 ハードリフレクター
  • 東京マルイ SCAR-L専用 ハードリフレクター
  • 東京マルイ SCAR-L専用 ハードリフレクター
  • 東京マルイ SCAR-L専用 ハードリフレクター
JPY 4,644-
JPY 4,644-
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● Sturdy metal body! Reduces breakage!
● Made in Japan!

A sturdy reflector for your SCAR-L.
Tougher and more resistant to breakage than the stock polymer version.

Consists of an aluminum alloy body mounted on a firm steel base plate.
Perfect for the rugged conditions of the airsoft field!

Finely cut slits and full metal body add a stylish accent to your SCAR!

■ Compatible Models:
Tokyo Marui Automatic Electric Gun Next Generation Series

● Winning entry in LayLax's "Idea Grand Prix"!
・Suggested by:
Yuta Higuchi
M & Family

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