【And the IDEA is…】Idea Grand Prix 2019

11 05, 2019


"Thank you for all your great Ideas!!

It is our pleasure to announce ideas selected Idea Grand Prix 2019.

We are grateful to have received 291 applications from Japan and 50 from overseas!

Here are 2 ideas that has been chosen. Thank you very much!!


☆Idea entry by Mr.K
Non slip knee pads(ニーパッドズレない君)


☆Idea entry by Nokuton
Offset stock base for AEG M4 (オフセットストックベース電動M4用)



We will be start developing these 2 products this year. 

Please note that if any problems or other issues arise during development and/or production of the chosen idea, LayLax may decide to discontinue the project.

And surprisingly many people submit ides for more LayLax merchandise.

We really appreciate your support and enthusiasm, try to bring more of those as well. 

We are so thankful for all applications.
Will keep you updated with the progress of development.