SIG Sauer Inc. forms a Japan sales agreement with LayLax Inc.

07 01, 2019

Firearms manufacturer SIG SAUER Inc. (New Hampshire, United States), which produces, among other weapons, the M17 — the state-of-the-art handgun used by the United States Armed forces — has assigned LayLax Inc. (Osaka, Japan) to be the sole agent for the Japanese sale and distribution of products for its SIG AIR division’s new airsoft gun brand: ProForce™.

Typically, a firearms manufacturer will provide property licenses to an air gun maker, hand over sale and distribution duties, and collect associated licensing fees. However, from a branding and quality control perspective — and due to the fact that toy guns, despite their nature, can also be used in training programs for military and law enforcement agencies — SIG SAUER has decided to take on this new venture itself.

SIG AIR's first release will be an automatic electric version of the SIG MCX: SIG SAUER's quintessential assault rifle since its introduction in 2015, and one used by both civilians and the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) alike. The SIG MCX automatic electric gun falls within Japanese safety standards, allowing for safe domestic play.



A gas blowback edition of the aforementioned M17, including a polymer slide that will make it safe to use and play within Japan as well, is also in the works.




A significant aspect of this new sole agent agreement is that, by acquiring domestic sales rights for SIG SAUER scopes and other optical instruments, LayLax will also be able to provide repairs and other after-sales service — something not possible for products obtained through parallel import channels.